One-to-one violin lessons available in Cardiff

Anyone can learn the violin! You can learn to play the violin, no matter how old you are. Whether you are just beginning or have previously learned an instrument, violin lessons are an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Lessons are suitable for all ages and will be tailored to your individual needs. It’s never too late to learn!

As you master new skills and develop your playing you will gain confidence in your own ability and learn to express your musical ideas. Learning a musical instrument requires dedication and perseverance. Everyone has to practice, even professionals! Motivating yourself and understanding how to practice are key elements in learning an instrument. During lessons I will help you to devise a manageable practice plan and exercises to help you learn whilst you’re at home.

Lesson Structure

Throughout your lessons with me everything will be approached logically and explained, so that you understand how to play the violin. The lessons will be tailored to suit you as an individual and will be designed to help you develop as a musician. Whilst learning to play the violin I will also help you to develop your skills in aural awareness and general musicianship.


I will continually assess your progress throughout lessons and help you to move your playing to the next level. I am happy to work towards ABRSM graded exams with pupils. If you would rather just play for fun and not have to worry about exams then that’s fine too.

cardiffviolinlessons@hotmail.co.uk; @WillisWellbeing